Cross Walk Project
Expand the expression of one of our goals at wonder Cave Records, in collaboration with other sectors and encourage! Project CrossWalk is became the No. 1 step activities. The theme is "music artists x drama" hiroaki kobayashi's Wonder Cave Records song to an up-and-coming cast appeared in the film thanks for.


hiroaki kobayashi

Hiroaki Kobayashi


After Psycho Studio





Inner Trigger

Hiroaki Kobayashi


The fountainhead of one tear

Hiroaki Kobayashi



-Group Name-Wonder Cave Records

2015 0/2015 March

-promotion Vision-,

the expansion of the increase of the representation and expression-increase in the absolute number of artists-artist skills-opportunities to express we realize that more than in the power of music with their own.



artists song releases and edit donation, music, event planning, provided music and sales promotion and other fields and producing new artists collaborate live, part of the workshops and seminars held-Officer-typical Miou Chida Vice President Hiroaki Kobayashi


- President -

we Wonder Cave Records began as a Foundation music releases from 3/2015. Lots of draft was born in a homely environment, with an expanding current activities. It is short, but will speak, our origins. You could meet a lot of great players in student living himself dedicated to the band, composing on the. In the thought that "those who work in the world eager to" though I felt. The feelings felt at the time although core, "who want more, want more opportunities for expression and feelings want increase the Wonder Cave Records today. My music captures the kind of communication tool. Music is a great power would make the rim trigger. Trigger and want to satisfy your desire to make the edge and will be I hope